BDML ID:203b5c86-2280-437b-8807-d97c8126f79a
TitleBDML file for quantitative information about nuclear division dynamics of wild-type embryo
LicenseCC BY-SA license
Descriptionquantitative information about nuclear division dynamics in wild-type embryo
Organism:C. elegans
Datatypenuclear division dynamics
ContributorsKoji Kyoda, Mari Furukawa, Ryoko Arai, Shuichi Onami
PubMed ID23172286
Summary of methodsSee details in Kyoda et al. (2013) Nucleic Acids Res 41, D732-D737.
Data Scale
(XYZ, T)
0.105 x 0.105 x 0.5 (micrometer), 40.0 (second)

This 4D rendering is only an approximation of the actual data.
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