As of Oct. 3, 2016 there are 458 BDML-files.

OrganismTypeBasedonPaperNumber of BDML-filesNumber of images in SSBDReleased dateUpdate date
M. musculusNucleusMeasurementBashar et al. 201212,800 (.tif)2014/10/03-
M. musculusGene expressionMeasurementMasumoto et al. 2010 8 (OmicsBDML)02014/10/03-
M. musculusGene expressionMeasurementHarima et al. 2013 2146 (.tif)2016/01/18-
M. musculusCell/MoleculeMeasurementOchiai et al. 2015061 (.tif)2016/10/03-
M. musculus (iPS)Cell/ParticleMeasurementTanaka & Fujita 2015 214,573 (.tif)2016/10/03-
D. rerioNucleusMeasurementKeller et al. 2008702013/10/032014/06/18
D. melanogasterNucleusMeasurementKeller et al. 2010202013/10/032014/06/18
C. elegansNucleusMeasurementBao et al. 2006202013/10/032014/06/18
C. elegansNucleusMeasurementKyoda et al. 20131862,221,560 (IPLab format; .ipm)2013/09/022014/06/18
C. elegansNucleusMeasurementToyoshima et al. 20161413,954 (.tif)2016/05/202016/10/03
C. elegansCellMeasurementTakayama et al. 201611977,306 (.tif)2016/10/03-
C. elegansNucleusSimulationKimura & Onami 200510002013/10/032014/06/18
C. elegansBehaviorMeasurementCronin et al. 20051102014/10/03-
D. discoideumMoleculeMeasurementKomatsuzaki et al. 201511,800 (.avi)2015/10/03-
D. discoideum, Cultured cell (rat; PC-12), NAMoleculeMeasurement/SimulationWatabe et al. 2015 441 (.tif)2016/01/182016/10/03
E. coliMoleculeSimulationArjunan & Tomita 2010 102013/09/022014/06/18
Cultured cell (rat; NRK-52E)Cell/MoleculeMeasurementAoki et al. 201308562016/10/03-
Cultured cell (human; HT-1080)CellMeasurementKunida et al. 201202112016/10/03-
NAParticleMeasurementTanaka 201402002016/10/03-

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