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Introduction of SSBD

Systems Science of Biological Dynamics (SSBD) database provides a rich set of resources for analyzing quantitative biological data, such as single-molecule, cell, and gene expression nuclei. Quantitative biological data are collected from a variety of species, sources and methods. These include data obtained from both experiment and computational simulation. These quantitative numerical data are represented in a new Biological Dynamics Markup Language (BDML). The new data format allows users to exchange, store, compare and analyze data through the SSBD database.Users can download quantitative biological dynamics data directly in BDML format from the SSBD database. The system utilizes OMERO server to manage image data and experimental conditions. A range of software tools and applications for visualizing and analyzing quantitative biological dynamical data are being developed through a set of SSBD APIs.

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Sample Datasets

Nuclear division dynamics in zebrafish wild-type embryo
Nuclear division dynamics in C. elegans wild-type embryo
Single molecule dynamics in E. coli wild-type


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