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Summary of BDML data

BDML ID1ca9c581-7433-4fb1-96db-1d5146a8cd17 (schema: 3.000, status: available)
TitleBDML file for quantitative information about nuclear division dynamics of C07A9.2(RNAi) embryo
LicenseCC BY-SA license
Descriptionquantitative information about nuclear division dynamics in C07A9.2(RNAi) embryo
OrganismC. elegans
Datatypenuclear division dynamics
Local IDC07A9.2(gPCR)071003_02
Basedon Experiment
Contributors Koji Kyoda, Mari Furukawa, Ryoko Arai, Shuichi Onami
PubMed ID23172286
Contact InformationShuichi Onami, RIKEN, Quantitative Biology Center, Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics
Summary of methodsSee details in Kyoda et al. (2013) Nucleic Acids Res 41, D732-D737.
Sourcehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/2-Kyoda-WormEmbryoRNAi/source/RNAi_C07A9.2_071003_02.zip (md5)
BDML filehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/2-Kyoda-WormEmbryoRNAi/bdml/RNAi_C07A9.2_071003_02_bdml3.0.zip (md5)
PDPML filehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/pdpml/2-Kyoda-WormEmbryoRNAi_pdpml1.0.xml (md5)

Summary of Images

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Number of images 180
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