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Summary of BDML data

BDML IDab01a0c2-cf73-4925-b14d-76ac867f95fd (schema: 3.000, status: available)
TitleBDML file for quantitative information about nuclear division dynamics of wild-type embryo
LicenseCC BY-SA license
Descriptionquantitative information about nuclear division dynamics in wild-type embryo
OrganismC. elegans
Datatypenuclear division dynamics
Local IDwt(N2)030131_01
Basedon Experiment
PubMed ID23172286
Contact Information Shuichi Onami, RIKEN, Quantitative Biology Center
Summary of methodsSee details in Kyoda et al. (2013) Nucleic Acids Res 41, D732-D737.
Sourcehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/source/Ce_KK_P002/wt_N2_030131_01.zip (md5)
BDML filehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/bdml/Ce_KK_P002/wt_N2_030131_01_bdml3.0.zip (md5)
PDPML filehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/pdpml/Ce_KK_P002_pdpml1.0.xml (md5)

Summary of Images

Dataset name wt_N2_030131_01 (view dataset in OMERO.web)
Number of images 180
Sample Image img0000.ipm (view image in OMERO.web)