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Summary of BDML data

BDML ID7a0908db-1efa-435f-926c-6a1a0fc4e330 (schema: 3.000, status: available)
TitleBDML file for quantitative information about nuclei centroids of mouse embryonic cells
LicenseCC BY-NC-SA license
Descriptionquantitative information about nuclei centroids of mouse embryonic cells
OrganismMus musculus
Datatypenuclear positions
Local ID088044_L1
Basedon Experiment
Contributors Md. Khayrul Bashar, Koji Komatsu, Toshihiko Fujimori, Tetsuya Kobayashi
PubMed ID22590505
Contact InformationMd. Khayrul Bashar, The University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science, Laboratory for Quantitative Biology
Summary of methodsSee details in Bashar et al. (2012) PLoS ONE 7, e35550.
Sourcehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/8-Bashar-MouseEmbryo/source/088044_L1.zip (md5)
BDML filehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/8-Bashar-MouseEmbryo/bdml/088044_L1_bdml3.0.zip (md5)

Summary of Images

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Number of images 2800
Sample Image 088044_L1-t001-p01.tif (view image in OMERO.web)