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Summary of BDML data

BDML IDFF452590-EAE4-11E3-85C9-28334E5F9BDA (schema: 0.180, status: available)
TitleBDML file for quantitative information about single molecule dynamics of E. coli wild-type
LicenseCC BY-NC-SA license
Descriptionquantitative single molecule dynamics of Min proteins (MinEE, MinDEE, MinDEED, and MinD) in E. coli wild-type
OrganismE. coli
Datatypesingle molecule dynamics
Local IDEco_MinE_AS
Basedon Simulation
Contributor Arjunan, S. N. V. and Tomita, M.
PubMed ID20012222
Contact InformationSatya Nanda Vel Arjunan, RIKEN, Quantitative Biology Center, Laboratory for Biochemical Simulation
Summary of methodsSee details in Arjunan et al. (2010) Syst Synth Biol 4, 35-53.
BDML filehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/bdml/Eco_MinE_AS/Eco_MinE_AS.bdml0.18.xml (md5)
PDPML filehttp://ssbd.qbic.riken.jp/data/pdpml/Eco_MinE_AS.pdpml0.06.xml (md5)
Data Scale (XYZ,T) 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 (micrometer), 0.5 (microsecond)

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